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Game Guide:

Controller and player rules:
- Characters have Level, Health, Experience Points, Strength Points, and Magic Points.
- A Player can have multiple Characters under their account, and Characters belong to a Player.
- Beasts are like pets that tag along with your Characters, and they belong to a Character.
- You also have the ability to Heal your own damaged Characters to get them battle-ready again!

Element rules:
- Every character has Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth energy, and these come into play at battle time.
- Water is strong against fire.
- Fire is strong against earth.
- Earth is strong against wind.
- Wind is strong against water.

Battle rules:
- The attacking Character picks one of their elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) to use to attack the opponent.
- A random element of the opponent is used to defend against the attacker.
- The damage dealt is calculated by the formula BASE_DAMAGE * ELEMENT_MULTIPLIER * RANDOM_MULTIPLIER.
- If the attacker's element is the victim's element weakness, then damage is 2x! (element multiplier = 2)
- The random chance multiplier simulates stochastic battle conditions. It ranges between +/- 30% per attack, so an attack might do between 70% and 130% of its base damage.
- After the attack, the attacking Character will gain 10 experience points!
- If the attacking Character reaches 100 EXP, it will level up, and EXP will reset to 0.